And yeen -Christine
Hell yea Christine *high pawbs Christine*
We got this girl *high pawbs back* -Christine

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Well it's off to go and get changed for workies *wags* this pup gunna be working cash like a pro today hehe

Good night everyone *wags* been a long day, worked and relaxed a bit. Now it's time for Christine and I to sleep *does a big awoooooooo then does 3 circles then flops curled in a ball with a plushie between pawbs*
*Does a big yiiiiiiipp and many small yip yip yip yip yips* -Christine.
Don't forget you have work at 9:30 tomorrow morning. That means getting up at 7:30 and making sure everything is packed for tomorrow-Christine
Thanks Christine I will definitely do all that *smooches you*

Hyper 3-D Pinball/Tilt! (NMS Software/Virgin Interactive Entertainment, 1995) #DOSGaming


old art but idk i still like it
birb (n. american goldfinch m)

Yay today I got my first of hopefully many paychecks to come from my cashier job at farmboy I've been there almost 2 weeks now and it's amazing I love working there they are the most amazing employers ever they are super accepting of me. I told them that I'm trans and that were super cool with it put my preferred name on my name tag along with my pronouns.

I can't migrate my followers over cuz I messed up my account, please follow back if you want!

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