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if i was tony hawk that's what i'd do at 9am EST on a tuesday

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i wonder if that's actually tony hawk downloading reggae box sets from me on soulseek

bad media stuff 

WB clinging to the Harry Potter franchise for dear life while the creator tries her hardest to tank it is getting old but eventually it'll stop being profitable, that's a nice thought

mame is stupid unwieldly. i don't want every damn game ever on my mame system, i want good games. no mahjongg, none of those gross qix clones where you uncover pictures of naked women, and no weird broken clone games. but no everything's lumped together and almost 1TB in size and most of it is completely worthless shit nobody at all wants.

Being opaque and distant online while still being online has done me very little good because it leaves room for false images and opens the door to fanfic

Like sure it's on spotify it was a real release I did, not just a random mp3 from my hard drive, but that doesn't mean much

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One of my footwork tracks is on a number of tiktok's and that's great but I don't get how anyone even heard it

Up in the middle of the night again! Whee

They're stealing each other's monkeys over there

I don't want to do anything but that's ok I don't need to really

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I keep hearing people say they keep rabbits in an outdoors hutch and honestly that's animal cruelty and I'll make a scene next time

This is when my brain works best too it's bizarre maybe I should find a way to make this time useful if I'm not gonna ever sleep during it.

Time to be awake till 7am when I'll pass out again

I should bake

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