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yesteday i joined up to the twitch chat for the event i did the mix for and some chud starts hollering LETS GO BRANDON and everyone went silent. then the guy who runs the event posted a link to the twitter announcement. and then silence again. he's pretty spaced out and seems he didn't catch the reference.

so guess who gets to bring up the inappropriateness. me. again. like i always do. the guys kicked and messages deleted. other people agree after i say something but...

so this Wheel of Time show started and that's really cool I kinda wanted this since I was a teen who read fantasy books like nothin' but much like my response to the paintings on the covers of the WoT books this is *not* how i envisioned any of the characters to look. i know the descriptions in book are florid and detailed things but somehow i still pictured everyone differently

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Adult desk job life is sending and receiving e-mails that end with "Apologies for the delay" back and forth forever

it's a 2 new star trek episodes kinda day!

star trek prodigy confuses me and i'm scared to watch it though

Star Trek V is underrated

It's really funny, almost as funny as IV, and that's what really matters.

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imagine walking into an obviously haunted record store and walking out with an enya cd cause you told a demon you needed something relaxing to sleep

my set for this event is gonna be practically alien music to everyone involved

i was aiming for ibiza balaeric late 80s/early 90s vibes but i keep alternating between sunrise/sunset anthems and weird tracks DJ's play at 4AM to amuse themselves

wow MTV clearly hates Daria a lot. the theme song was never released as a single, no promo CDs pressed in the 90s and sent to radio stations, never released to any streaming services

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been watching Daria and every time the soundalike song they got to replace the original unlicensed music sounds like the original song but it isn't it bugs me way more than if it's more generic music

performance issues beyond what you'd expect, massive microstutters on AMD CPU's of all varieties from other reports. on mine the fps counter shows the CPU counter is red and constantly pulling the framerates back to sub-20 - i have a Ryzen 3600 with a 2060 super, my PC is set up properly

then on top of that it's ugly, everything is shiny and everything is very flat.

probably just needs a few months of optimization. maybe it'll be worth it when it's on sale for $5 like BFV was last month.

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bf2042 is an unplayable sack of garbage and everyone involved should feel bad

It's Saturday! By that I mean it's Saturday

Don't @ me

i'm tired of 'character comes out and their parents are sacks of shit' stories because that's all there was when i was growing up and now it's still all there is and it sucks! it's disgusting that this is still reflective of everyday reality. it is still important to tell these stories. over and over again. queer folks have so much pain to process. i hate this society and what it's done to us all.

Age of Empires 4 is pretty fun. I've not played AoE since probably the first one but stealing this one certainly was worthwhile.

the 'side hustle' is detrimental to human existence

i am still baffled by the concept of paid DMing but i guess if people are gonna charge for telegram responses then this is nothing

i wish there wasn't an environmental cost cuz it'd be really fun to rip off some crypto chuds

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