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hooray dais announced they're reissuing Coil's Musick To Play In The Dark 2 as well next year

still feel weird and kinda gross whenever i see someone promote a patreon where one of the tiers is 'you can chat with me on discord like a real friend'

I disagree with all political figures seeking power and believe the warlord with the best scifi DVD collection should rule!

why did the CW reboot a cancelled scifi show from 10 years ago that nobody watched?

This track is easily one of Biosphere's best

ambient jazz but not boring and just pretentious enough to be cool

I did it! It works. Running in DOSBOX, today I'm installing some service packs and games. Gonna Windows 98 SE it up good.

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Spent 20 years running D&D 3E and 3.5E and Pathfinder and the endless forced math has me looking at the overall simplicity of D&D 5E like it's completely alien. It feels like I'm doing everything wrong!

people my age at work talk about their kids and how they're about to become teens and i'm like yeah well i have a ps5

nothing like a brand new chillout music album in 2021 suddenly bustin' out fluoride in the water conspiracy theories

*only person who joins the meeting*

honestly, this couldn't have gone better.

Star Trek Prodigy Today!

Janeway is BACK, baby! This time in hologram form

There! He's gonna do the things to it and it'll be cool. I'm excited.

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eventually everything being a problem you have to fix it not fun

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called a few guitar shoppes and found someone willing to go over my guitar and make it not fucked up again within the next two weeks rather than 'early new year' so i'm taking it in today.

i could probably do this myself but i'd rather just give it to someone and get it back playable.

tonight! right said fred vs noam chomsky in a steel cage death match over the topic of vaccination efficacy

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