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Celebrities are all: boring right wing chuds

People are all: We worship our boring right wing chuds!!!

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psa: your co-workers who have been there for longer and don't work as fast as you aren't ""lazy,"" they're exhausted. they were in your position once too, and felt like they had to put in all their energy ito the job -- and they burnt out. you should learn from them, and slow down now. take rest breaks and coffee breaks, let things take a little longer; your reward for extra speed will only ever be more assignments, inevitably grinding you down. your exploitative employer isn't worth it.

I've been recently remembering Obsidian developed spy RPG Alpha Protocol and that game is underrated.

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"Congratulations to drugs for winning the war on drugs." is going to be something i say obnoxiously too many times for the next five years, i can feel it

a toot wherein i reveal the true winner in a fight between Marvel's Thor and Batman 

disney and warner bros shareholders both would win

I said I was doing a vinyl mix of ambients for this event and actually haven't ever done anything of the sort before so I guess I'll see how it goes

Can things stop going wrong for five minutes

Is there a handy "shit instances" list so I can properly defederate from all the chuds without exploring hashtags endlessly

I need to set up my pihole again so I don't ever have to see YouTube ads

Ok sorry but putting Joe Rogan on my mastodon tl earns am instant block

Personal goal: eliminate "Google" from my vocabulary meaning to search the web for stuff

Pet health --- 

Scamp can't walk on her own she falls over and can't do anything but lie there she ate a bunch but isn't doing anything

doing a set for a minecraft urlfest in november now

my last set for their previous event was super cheesy nightcored pop dance and house music and i think it was wild lol not sure what i'm doing this time though

web 2.0 put so many animated gifs of construction workers out of work

remember web pages with scripts that would pop up 'NO STEALING!12#%" when you right clicked. web cop bastards

Yesterday the D&D session I ran was best summarized by "faffing about getting high and chasing cats" and I gave them XP for doing it.

It's kinda weird seeing people talk about how the fediverse doesn't even exist anymore when we're all still here.

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