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@bgcarlisle I have been feeling kinda bad about how Discovery makes me feel in a weird "I don't want to dislike these characters, but I really do" way. I want it to be good Trek so badly lol

Oh there's different categories I get it, just give me a global setting

word le 

Wordle 206 4/6


8/8 look at me go

Plex finished scanning my entire library with it's 'Sonic Analysis' feature and now it can generate lists of 'sonically similar' bands, albums, songs, etc. I thought this would lead to *very* weird playlists, but it's actually really good. I'm a hoarder so my audio collection is ridiculous (4k artists, 12k albums, 116k tracks), amassed over decades so the id tag metadata wasn't always amazing. This bypasses all that and *actually works* and well, it's just awesome that's all.

wow i forgot i ordered a subwoofer for my music production setup on friday. this last weekends stress makes it feel like friday was literally a lifetime ago


Wordle 205 5/6


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I get why old queers often feel like they become parent figures for young queers and I hate it. Fuck cis parents. Pathetic losers.

animal violence and justified responses 

next person who brags about eating rabbit to me is going to be eating the rest of their meals through a straw


wow didn't expect to get that one

Wordle 204 6/6


Rich guys buy themselves a dozen TVs and then tell their kids they are on their own for $2000 dental bills.

i'm tired of songs where cis guys wail 'why dont u love me girl i am soooo great and rich' over tepid disco beats

Another wake up at 5 and that's it kinda night. Not feeling very much like working ever again tbh I'm sorta sick of this shit

@PsyChuan we just found out after the most recent update that it tells people when you have notifications muted in the texting app! apple is horrible

if i was tony hawk that's what i'd do at 9am EST on a tuesday

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