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pirating is not only awesome and fun but also morally correct

I used to look through my mom's National Enquirer magazines when I was a kid and that's pretty much how Twitter feels

Twitter is literally the worst thing on the internet. It makes Facebook look cool

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huge advocate for absolutely cutting off your family and never allowing them a piece of your life if
A) they are mean/dangerous, and
B) you can safely do this

@IceWolf this makes me think of the early 90's "party-blob" CRPGs where you'd control 4-6 characters that all moved simultaneously while staying in what is supposed to be a 5 or 10 foot square

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Rare books people, a very exclusive opportunity has reopened:


There are many books whose only digital copies exist in HathiTrust, a giant locked-down database of *millions* of books & similar materials. (sometimes they're in google books too which is equally inaccessible).

Because of the resurgent pandemic HT has reopened a service which lets people view digital copies of books at their universities. Long story short, this means for a limited time it will be possible to download some of these books.

The link above is a form for making requests. You can make an unlimited(!) number of requests for books. There are 2 main restrictions:

- you need to ensure there aren't digital copies available elsewhere (we can help with this)
- you need to link to a facebook account to receive the book if they can get it (because it's run out of a fb group)

If you can jump through those hoops this is a big opportunity. If anyone wants to translate this post to help people get books in not-english that would be very welcome too.

Please spread the word to whoever you think would be interested!

Apparently you can't just stick 4 same sized drives into a NAS and click a magic "turn this into raid 5" button that takes a day or so and moves your data in place without loss. And that's just stupid. Technology sucks, crap made by a bunch of nerds!!!

@j I don't keep links really but it was all big news. Spotify paid Rogan $100m in 2020 for his podcast while they give artists less than pennies for the streams they generate. Neil Young yesterday said he'd pull his music if they kept this anti-vax clown going and today Spotify gleefully announced Young's departure from the platform. Last year the Spotify CEO invested over $100m in Helsing AI, a military defense firm pushing AI warfare. Money spent on Spotify just straight up goes bad places.

Just removed my releases from Spotify.

How long until people realize their Spotify subscriptions are supporting extremist right wing causes and actually care?

Because honestly, every time you pay a sub fee it goes right into Joe Rogan's bank account, funded by transphobia and anti-vax hate.

It's gotten to the point that artists should *all* withdraw their music from that platform. I don't trust anyone who isn't.

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does anything even use directstorage yet i doubt it

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if you refuse to be there for anyone, nobody will be there for you, either.

i think i'm actually gonna be installing win 10 i just cannot with win 11's shit

A great compilation from last year just arrived, cool records yea

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this is the funniest bit i have seen in an extremely long time i would DIE for chris flemming youtube.com/watch?v=bgt2WWrTRI

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It's so fucking funny that bourgeois white people get offended when you tell them Louis Armstrong smoked weed. It's a fact. Louis smoked the chronic every day for 50 years of his life. How else do you think someone becomes the most influential Jazz musician of their age?!

@owashii @kat rumours said it'd contain content from both 1 and 2 but who knows really. it'll be a playstation exclusive for a bit. hope it turns out good! i don't think obsidian is involved though

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a lot of people put "autistic person overexplains something" in the same bucket as mansplaining because they don't really care to differentiate and it's amazingly efficient at being both ableist and triple shitty to autistic trans women

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