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wait do people think typing prompts into those ai art things is like, doing something?

wowee galaxy brains over on twitter

Taxi is really a good bit of comedic television programming.

locked out of hdbits until some guy notices me in the irc channel and fixes it

there's two other nerds in the channel waiting and all of these people are idle!!!!

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Insomnia more like in.. somnia

I got nothin

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1. Getting rid of the deadly, highly communicable respiratory disease

my villain arc is near completion

at this rate it won't be long before i'm building a laser to fire into the earths core to cause global annihilation or something

is anyone on the planet broken enough that they want random web sites to send notifications to their computer? is that really a thing anyone ever wanted, ever, in the history of computing?

2fa, also known as that thing that makes it so i can't log into anything after a piece of hardware i own breaks

fuck i hate infosec

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With the SwiftLink232 WiFi modem properly configured and after several trial-and-error configurations of C*Base, I've eventually logged in to my very own #commodore64 #bbs - just on the local wireless but working nontheless.

If you are thinking of running a #wireless C64 BBS, don't even think of using those "StrikeLink" UP9600 modems and get a SwiftLink232 compatible one. Saves you a lot of trouble and frustration!

P.S.: version of C*Base is the "HolyMoses" modded release. Now let's play around a little ...

the solution to having too many online subscriptions is piracy, which is easy and fun

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A bobcat (Lynx rufus) jumps over a river in a single leap. Source: BBC Planet Earth II

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Masked Mountain Tanager

Scarce tanager found in stunted forest at treeline in the high Andes from central Colombia south through Ecuador, barely reaching Peru. Plumage is golden-yellow with a black face and throat; wings are black with some blue markings. Usually found in pairs or small groups that move furtively through the vegetation, often with mixed-species flocks.

Link: ebird.org/species/mamtan1

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my biggest hobby is procrastination and i'm very good at it. no amateurcrastination for me!

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back in the old days when my pc broke i'd have to fix it immediately or just have 0 of my hobbies to do now i can just be like ok that's broken time to watch star trek instead.

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i like that i've spread out my computering to multiple devices. it sounds extravagant but not running my torrent clients and soulseek and my plex server and everything on the same box i browse internet and play games on is really good

I wonder if tonic immobility for sharks is as traumatic and dangerous as it is for rabbits.

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