Got to level 4, and am gonna keep Dragon Questing (Un-localised) tomorrow. The patch runs just fine on the real hardware with my ROM cart.

i just found half an edm track i made a few years ago and realized how the drums were broken and fixed it and it's pretty good

but it's only the first half

leaked photo of the cohost admins deciding who to (and who not to) give access to

see? my ello contribution is still pullin in the numbers

The new Foals is really good and the pressing looks great

As long as Amazon keeps refunding me fully for their damaged vinyl sales and letting me keep the records, I'll keep buying them. I know I'm bad. But I'm just in it for the records.

Today's cool listens are a pair of Soul Jazz compilations entitled "Nu Yorica! (Culture Clash In New York City: Experiments In Latin Music 1970-77)" and "Nu Yorica 2! (Further Adventures in Latin Music: Chango in the New World 1976-1985)"

One came out in 96, the next in 97, and so far #1 is a smooth and funky set of tracks telling a tale of latin music filtered through NYC. A concise theme tying the varied sounds collected makes for a great compilation. Soul Jazz, as usual, are very on point.

Drug, marijuana implements 

Accidentally collected all of the various glass pipes I have in the house when deciding to clean up stuff. They are really cheap usually, so we ended up with a collection of over 20. Lol. Oh well.

This is a lookout point but the trees overgrew the lookout it looks like

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