As long as Amazon keeps refunding me fully for their damaged vinyl sales and letting me keep the records, I'll keep buying them. I know I'm bad. But I'm just in it for the records.

Today's cool listens are a pair of Soul Jazz compilations entitled "Nu Yorica! (Culture Clash In New York City: Experiments In Latin Music 1970-77)" and "Nu Yorica 2! (Further Adventures in Latin Music: Chango in the New World 1976-1985)"

One came out in 96, the next in 97, and so far #1 is a smooth and funky set of tracks telling a tale of latin music filtered through NYC. A concise theme tying the varied sounds collected makes for a great compilation. Soul Jazz, as usual, are very on point.

Drug, marijuana implements 

Accidentally collected all of the various glass pipes I have in the house when deciding to clean up stuff. They are really cheap usually, so we ended up with a collection of over 20. Lol. Oh well.

This is a lookout point but the trees overgrew the lookout it looks like

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Went to a spot called Pink Lake with @pinksaphirefolf

It's nice

Yummy food 

Stayed at a bed and breakfast in Montreal and boy this is a breakfast

This mix was really cool. I remember duplicating a bunch of these and selling them at a furry con. A friend lent me a corner of their market table and literally 0 copies sold. It was amazing

A blue crab abandoned its claw in order to be bigger crab 🦀🦀🦀

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