My music output, semi-chronologically, a thread.

I've released music as You are not all Boring, Bunnies (For Real), Rabbit in the Margin, Sleep in Cryostasis, as well as a few other shorter lived projects. Sometimes I've worked with others, other times self-released, one time I scored a game that didn't come out. I have a BFA in Electroacoustic Studies from Concordia University in Montreal. I've performed and/or DJ'd at events in Ontario and Quebec.

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I started out in the tracker scene in the 90's. I used Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker so I released S3M and IT files. I was a member of Epinicion as well as a co-runner of Modicum Music. Stuff from this era is near impossible to find, and I released as 'darkling' then. A majority of my music was culled from the big scene ftp site in the late 90s during what I like to call 'their big stupid mistake' when they deleted all the lower profile artists and compos. Moving on :)

2006-2010 I started compiling my work into little EP's and posting them on - You can find everything from this era at

This collection includes a lot of dubby breakbeat tracks, ambient music, IDM, and an odd New Wave EP built entirely around guitar. If you wanna go back, I'd suggest any of it. The Landing EP has some atmospheric ambient dub and Dubs #1 and Dubs #2 contain a lot of fun tracks built off of drum loops lifted from industrial music.

In 2009/2010 I started a DIY cassette label and released a chillwave album, as well as a compilation of music with tracks by friends, and an ambient cassette.

The chillwave album is and it was well received, if small. A blog review led to copies selling worldwide. Sure, about 20 copies but I sent tapes to the US, Canada, Australia, and Norway.

The compilation is and it's got two songs of mine, one is under the name Sleep in Cryostasis.

The ambient cassette that was released was under that Sleep in Cryostasis name and it's here

I submitted parts of it as my final project at university as well as submitting to a new sound artists contest. The german judge called it "Generic ambience!" derisively. So I know I did something right!

in 2011 I put out The Fireball EP -

Containing dub techno, atmospheric dubstep, and other odd sounds I really liked it. Nobody else really noticed but I still think Fireball is one of my best tracks.

On the You are not all Boring bandcamp, you'll also find a remastered version of the Landing EP that was released years before on, a compilation called Rehashing the Past, and a remaster of the archive era Space EP expanding it greatly.

2012 was a big change. I went back towards dance music, particularly through a fascination with the footwork/juke sound coming out of Chicago.

This led to a change where I ended up releasing

I soon after adopted a new name, Bunnies (for real) for the footwork and EDM and other music of that ilk, but this still sorta hung on with my old name because I uploaded it to spotify and junk.

2014 I dug out a handful of house tracks I had made earlier and released The Hula Hoop of the Jet Generation -

It was 4 house tracks that threw back to my denser production style. DFR still stands out as a great one IMO. I used that sample a decade before Dillon Francis did!

After this I tried to perfect EDM production. Doing this got me releasing stronger louder and cleaner mixed tracks but I'm less fond of the output. On the Bunnies for Real Bandcamp there are 4 "Fun Bun" EP's with 2-3 tracks each that try to cover ground from electro house and bass house to trap to dubstep. I suggest #1 and #4, best tracks there.

This led to my last big Bunnies For Real release, the For Real EP, full of raved up footwork. Technical perfection IMO

I kinda vanished after that, things got rough and the amount of music output declined substantially.

In 2019 I got it in me to rework an old track of mine 'Celebrating With Satan', an EBM track that never quite felt finished. Once I had that ready I wrote Crocodile as a b-side, sampling some hokey movie about murderous crocs. Meant to be an homage to BiGod20's The Bog it's a super cleanly produced bit of EBM. Sampled the drums direct from Join in the Chant, I did.

My most recent output as of 2022 is Rabbit in the Margin -

This is a project where I was regularly releasing stuff from from my pool of recorded experimental/ambient/dub techno. Each track here fits into a strange space as it's clearly not intended to be the most accessible material. Due to this, it's stuff I've been less confident about in the past, but that I thought was time to release.

I have 3 soundcloud accounts, each contains stuff not anywhere else.

The Bunnies (for real) soundcloud -

The You are not all Boring soundcloud - this contains a lot of otherwise unreleased music -

The Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit soundcloud - where I put weird bootlegs and DJ so I wouldn't get my main accounts banned -

So on this feel free to peruse my works above, add them to your cart, buy them, all that jazz. Feel free to actually pay money! If you do, they get added to your account and you can use the Bandcamp app to stream on your phone or something!!

@flipp I love Waves and Magic Circle, still listening through the Fireball EP as I do other stuff.

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