my techno music goes here! i'm gonna post a track every week or so

i think probably fridays after this week it'll be fun

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rabbit in the margin week 2

1 5 7 2 8

delay chaos dub ambients with number station action

rabbit in the margin week 3

wherein beeps and beats dance amidst crackle and hum (dub techno)

it's tuesday! time for dub infused experimental techno

soundscapes, samples, sequences and beats that couldn't come in a second earlier

it's a day late but i did post it yesterday! 47 Tucanae, a more beat-y bit of dub techno ambience

@flipp if it wasn't for me being absolutely tired rn I'd listen to the full track, but the first ~2.5 minutes sounded quite good

probably gonna listen to your music in the background tomorrow while playing videogames

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