stress testing the new CPU and yesterday it seemed to go crazy with temps but it turns out hwmonitor is just a piece of crap and everything is running better than expected. hooray!

now to battle a crypto nerd to steal his GPUs so i'll be ready for the gaming future


checked around, a local shoppe gets cards fairly regularly (!) and said to keep an eye on stock on the website and run in if i see one. they're just down the street.

they have some *very* high end AMD cards right now but i'm not a $2000 dollar video card kinda person. wtf even seriously!!!! but they have 3060 Ti's come in! sometimes! for real! and they may in the next few weeks so i guess i'll see.

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wow a 3060 Ti appeared in stock while i was typing this basically. i stuck around home cuz of work and my partners ran over. the person that was at the cash before they had bought it.

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