internet culture wars - 

yesteday i joined up to the twitch chat for the event i did the mix for and some chud starts hollering LETS GO BRANDON and everyone went silent. then the guy who runs the event posted a link to the twitter announcement. and then silence again. he's pretty spaced out and seems he didn't catch the reference.

so guess who gets to bring up the inappropriateness. me. again. like i always do. the guys kicked and messages deleted. other people agree after i say something but...

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internet culture wars - 

again, i'm the one who brought it up. just like last time it was pointed out. and the time before. and the time before. and the time before.

fuck all this fucking apathy fuck everyone who sits there not saying anything fuck everyone who puts it on me and then acts like i'm a goddamn problem when i do bring it up

internet culture wars - 

the worst of it is "Fuck Joe Biden" is A TOTALLY VALID STATEMENT AND I AM BEHIND IT 100%

Just not for the reasons they are. Fuck Joe Biden doesn't need all that right wing baggage. Everyone can agree on this! Joe Biden fucking sucks.

internet culture wars - 

@flipp ugggggh its such a bitch and a half when youre the only one noticing a dog whistle and youre TRYING to raise the alarm but everyone else is like "huh but he just wanted someone named brandon to do good"

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