i'm tired of 'character comes out and their parents are sacks of shit' stories because that's all there was when i was growing up and now it's still all there is and it sucks! it's disgusting that this is still reflective of everyday reality. it is still important to tell these stories. over and over again. queer folks have so much pain to process. i hate this society and what it's done to us all.

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@flipp honestly i have the opposite issue where a lot of queer media is all sunshine and rainbows w the family. And as someone who had a really hard time, it kind of disgusts me to see it shoved in my face that some folks had such an easy time of it, they honestly dont think sad queers exist anymore.

@flipp at least we're getting stories that aren't just 'queer side character dies tragically'

with that kind of representation it was hard to find stories to look up to and not just resign yourself to eventual martyrdom or a random act of violence

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