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Hello! I am Flipp, again. I decided to spin up a little instance after discovering the domain was free and thinking this would be a good use for it. I made this account to be my primary and migrated my follows over. This is cool!

My posts will be about stuff happening around me at the time, music, RPGs, comics, video games, and other whatever that gets posted on the social media. I'll CW stuff that should be. There'll be pictures of bunnies and trees! 🌲 🐇

I said I was doing a vinyl mix of ambients for this event and actually haven't ever done anything of the sort before so I guess I'll see how it goes

Can things stop going wrong for five minutes

Is there a handy "shit instances" list so I can properly defederate from all the chuds without exploring hashtags endlessly

I need to set up my pihole again so I don't ever have to see YouTube ads

Ok sorry but putting Joe Rogan on my mastodon tl earns am instant block

Personal goal: eliminate "Google" from my vocabulary meaning to search the web for stuff

Pet health --- 

Scamp can't walk on her own she falls over and can't do anything but lie there she ate a bunch but isn't doing anything

doing a set for a minecraft urlfest in november now

my last set for their previous event was super cheesy nightcored pop dance and house music and i think it was wild lol not sure what i'm doing this time though

web 2.0 put so many animated gifs of construction workers out of work

remember web pages with scripts that would pop up 'NO STEALING!12#%" when you right clicked. web cop bastards

Yesterday the D&D session I ran was best summarized by "faffing about getting high and chasing cats" and I gave them XP for doing it.

It's kinda weird seeing people talk about how the fediverse doesn't even exist anymore when we're all still here.

instead of a 'casual friday' everyone at offices should have a 'salary t-shirt day' where they wear a t-shirt that says their salary on it

picard season 2 trailer 

i mean, maybe it'll be good but after that incoherent season 1 i don't have much hope. i love a wacky time travel adventure but i doubt this is going to be as fun as tom paris fighting ed begley jr with his buddies tuvok and sarah silverman!

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Star Trek Picard is so baffling it's exactly the show nobody asked for.

bunny health ~/+ 

Scamp is improving. Her head did tilt further and she's stuck that way now, but she's seeming less disoriented overall and is running around a bit more. Her and Olaf have also been grooming each other more again. I've been feeding her critical care from a syringe but today she ate a bunch of dill off a plate and some treats, so she's starting to do that again. Good progress

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"Sounds like your boyfriend is exhibiting some real *manager flipping through flash cards* toxic masculinity. You're being uh... *looks to other manager who's mouthing words silently* you're being gaslit, sis. Do some self care and come into work okay?"

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